786The beneficiaries of PUEBLOS DEL SUR work are, in general, micro-enterprises and associations of artisans who are from poor economic sectors. Moreover, despite their ability to produce attractive products and generate fair labor, their relatively small production capacity and minimal use of technology have limited them in some way.

Specifically, the typical characteristics of PUEBLOS DEL SUR artisans can be summarized as follows:

  • They have high technical and manual capacities. The products they create reflect their dexterity and their desire to produce high-quality and wonderfully finished products.
  • In normal circumstances, they find themselves working at less than full capacity. Most could handle increased demand for their products and, in fact, some find other part-time work to augment their family income as a result.
  • They often work in association with other artisans, workshops and organizations in order to produce a specific line of similar products.
  • They typically do not have the scale, resources or managerial capacity to access international markets as individuals or single workshops, therefore they promote their products through PUEBLOS DEL SUR.
  • They are interested in constantly improving their production processes and management skills, which leads them to be actively involved in technical assistance and managerial support programs, among other types of training activities.
    Our organization has developed next to all the Producers diverse Crafts and decoration Products that they have gone evolving in the time, the design and the new techniques we can see them in the varied range of products of Pueblos del Sur: Jeweler’s, Ceramic, Wood, Musical instruments, Games, Toys, Gifts, Mobiles, etc